Théo Mercier

Gᴖᴗdworld Studio+Company

Outremonde II – Dream Hunters

Outremonde II – Dream Hunters

Exhibition : Luma Westbau, Zurich
10 June – 4 September 2022
Show : Zurich Art Weekend – Zürcher Theater Spektakel

Outremonde is a series of living exhibitions initiated by Théo Mercier in 2021. Like a “gray zone” where the white cube of the museum and the black box of the theater meet, this series of exhibition-performances brings together for the first time the artist’s two practices as sculptor and stage director. The first Outremonde, presented in 2021 at the Collection Lambert in Avignon in collaboration with the Festival d’Avignon, served as a pilot for a three-part series that continued the following year with Outremonde II – Dream hunters at Luma Westbau Zurich (2022), then Outremonde III – The sleeping chapter at the Conciergerie in Paris (2022).

Using sand borrowed and sourced locally, Dream hunters is an experimental escape into the depths of night, REM sleep or conscious dreaming. In the heart of a white cube, we discover a landscape of unmade beds, silently guarded by a dozen obsidian-eyed hounds. The imprint of bodies, the fold of sheets, the echo of breaths and the pulsation of light, all tailor-made by the artist, materialize these invisible presences, tirelessly watched over by sleepless dogs.

Gliding from deserted landscape to living landscape, a series of performances in the guise of an initiatory, psychedelic tale explores the mystery of the exhibition. Guided by an omniscient child, the audience embarks on a sleep tour punctuated by somnambulistic encounters. By adopting a child’s and animal’s view of the night, Dream Hunters gives substance to the vanity and eternity that lurk in our beds.


Image credits

Erwan Fichou

Théo Mercier

Gᴖᴗdworld Studio+Company



Théo Mercier

Vassilis Oikonomopoulos

Sand sculpture & artistic collaboration
Enguerrand David, Michela Ciappini

Performers & artistic collaborators
Marie de Corte, Lucie Debay, Grégoire Schaller, Maxime Thébault & alternately Melvil Fichou Petit et Paul Allain

Choreographic collaboration
Steven Michel

Dramaturgy collaboration
Florent Jacob

Sound & musical composition
Pierre Desprats

Sound design
Vanessa Court

Light design
Théo Mercier

Colombe Lauriot Prévost assisted by de Célia Boulesteix

Technical coordinators
François Boulet & Eric Corlay

Sound engineer
Serge Lacourt

Artistic assistant
Rémi Gaubert

Studio manager & artistic advisor
Céline Peychet – Studio Théo Mercier

Performing art production booking & administration
Alix Sarrade — Alma Office

Antoine Allain, Julie Esplendiu, Erwan Fichou, Maud Petit, Friedrich von Brühl, Vincent Teuscher et l’équipe technique Niculin Ehrbar, Leonard Hoffmann, Allain Kall, Hernan Prevett


Outremonde, dream hunters was commissioned and co-produced by the Luma Foundation for Luma Westbau

Produced by Goodworld studio+company
with the support of ADAGP as part of the program Bourse Connexion, and Fonds de dotation Vendredi Soir

Tour dates

Performances Phase I
10, 11, 12 June 2022
(Zurich Art Weekend)

Performances Phase II
28, 29, 30 August 2022
(Zürcher Theater Spektakel)