Du futur faisons table rase

premiere - Festival EXIT, MAC Créteil March 2014

With Du futur faisons table rase, Théo Mercier gives form to a reflection begun during his residency at the Villa Médicis, on the weight of the past and the challenge for artists and individuals to take part in the major axis of Art History. Against a backdrop of ironic slogans and protests, he stages a gang of artists including François Chaignaud, Jonathan Drillet, Pauline Jambet, Philippe Katerine, Marlene Saldana and the group Sexy Sushi. This theatrical, anachronistic and caricatured fresco proposes a broad (mis)appropriation of History, haphazardly borrowing the codes of Burlesque numbers, post-punk imagery, popular culture, science-fiction and the iconography of the greatest masterpieces of neo-classical art.

Stage direction and scenography: Théo Mercier
With: Sexy Sushi, Pauline Jambet, Marlène Saldana, Jonathan Drillet, Père Boule, François Chaignaud et Philippe Katerine
Music: Laurent Durupt
Texts: Pauline Jambet, Thomas de Visme, Marlène Saldana et Jonathan Drillet
Lighting design: Florent Jacob
Stage manager: Jean-Baptiste Bellon
Production: Label Dalbin