Le grand MESS

Le lieu unique, Nantes March-April 2013

With the exhibition Le grand MESS, Théo Mercier presents a collection of new fetishistic pieces with humoristic titles, which are the fruit of urban peregrinations and compulsive buying at sex-shops, novelty stores, and flea markets. More a re-arranger of the world than ex-nihilo creator, Théo Mercier confirms the surrealist definition of the “Beautiful” as the fortuitous encounter of an erotic cup and a hamburger upon a shelf. Imagining himself confronted with the challenge of making a retrospective, he circumvents the risk of auto-museification by making the choice of doing a recto/verso exhibition, with a “good side” borrowing its codes from museum and department store display windows and a “bad side” of the decor which stages a studio in a big mess.

photo: Martin Argyroglo

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