Nature, dead and buried

Galerie Gabrielle Maubrie, Paris November-December 2009

For his first exhibition at the Gabrielle Maubrie Gallery, Nature morte et enterrée, Théo Mercier presents a group of small hybrid sculptures on stands and photographs reflecting cynical, dark humor. Using satirical titles to name his little theaters of surrealist objects, he creates improbable collisions and liaisons which are a priori irreconcilable between life and death, the funny and the sad, rebellion and fatalism. At the beginning of his carrier, Théo Mercier insisted on a great amount of liberty of form, refusing visual and intellectual comfort, which enabled him to go back and forth between the practice of 2D and 3D collage in order to interfere with and dismantle clichés and preconceived notions.

2009 seaside odyssey, sculpture, 90x30x30cm