Gold war wall

Museo el eco - Mexico City September - november 2017

In Gold War Wall, Théo Mercier reproduces and arranges 300 war masks whose iconographical sources have been found in history books and ethnographical collections from all over the world. In collaboration with the Mexican crafts workshop Tin Heart, well known for its production of ex-votos, Théo Mercier reproduces these faces by adorning them with a new skin of brass. From the god Aries, to the gas mask, by way of medieval knights’ helmets, or the masks of African or Australian warriors, he gathers these vestiges to form a mural fresco. Somewhere between the memory, the memento and the souvenir, this community of silent faces gives form to a commemorative, trans-temporal and trans-geographical image of all wars.

Gold war wall, mural composed of 300 reproductions of warrior masks made in brass, studio photo, photo: © Erwan Fichou