Panorama zero

galerie bugada et cargnel 24th february 2017 - 22th april 2017

For Panorama zéro, Théo Mercier presents a group of sculptures and photographs through which he interrogates the production of History, in its construction as well as its deconstruction. Examining traces of the past and those of the present, he questions the phenomena of ruin and obsolescence. In a landscape of sculptures and motley assemblages of heterogeneous objects, ancient or contemporary, originals or reproductions, barely maintaining a fragile balance, he creates an environment in which the objects become the warning signs of an approaching disaster. Without falling into a form of romanticism, which he refuses, he proposes a form of backwards archeology which tends toward the sublimation of the process of destruction.

Panorama zéro, vue d'exposition, galerie Bugada & Cargnel, 2017