back to basics gender studies

mexico city january 2015


In his new series, Mercier has returned to his roots in building a tribe of sculptures that sit somewhere in between animal and human, masculine and feminine,

primordial and futuristic, the blessed and the damned

These vertical, elongated human forms are built systemically with natural materials and primitive tools. In each sculpture, we see the human form renegotiated as Mercier orchestrates a deadpan juxtaposition of traditional totemic structure with unique approach to gender ambiguity.

The various expressions at first seem to assume some form of religious authority but simultaneously suggest a voodoo undercurrent.

In looking at our modern-day identity crisis in the context of historic tribe mentality, Mercier bluntly reveals the humor and beauty in the grim realities that fuel our obsession with individual and collective identity.

En masse, these sculptures compose a family of misfits, a pack of lone wolves, or a tribe of elegant mutants. These creatures seem to function as idols for a global village, one that we all recognize instinctively but know will never exist.

mara mckevitt

photo: erwan fichou

installation view