Yesterday never dies

Erwan Fichou & Théo Mercier 2014

Hier ne meurt jamais is a series of images created by Théo Mercier in collaboration with Erwan Fichou. It captures ancient ruins of the Mediterranean basin in large format, from which big banners, made from tourist hotel sheets fly, flaunting quotes from mainstream “global” culture such as “It was better before,” “Youth Hostel” or “No future.” Faced with the mutism and erosion of these monuments of ancient times, the banners attempt to engage in a fluid dialogue between the collective memory of today and the memory of archeological ruins. Oscillating between nostalgia and eradication, this series restages the eternal combat between the old and the new, revealing the different layers of fantasy that exist between past, present and future.

Souviens-toi l'été dernier (I Know What You Did Last Summer)