Book Memory

Galerie Gabrielle Maubrie, Paris January 2012

In reference to the science-fiction horror novel The horror in the Museum by H.P. Lovecraft published in 1933, Théo Mercier conceives for the group show Book Memory at the Gabrielle Maubrie Gallery, two series of sculptures and photographs in which he explores the narrative potential of the book in a humorous and bizarre context. With J’ai peur des livres and L’horreur dans le musée, he brings the book to life by grafting bulging eyeballs and hanging tongues gleaned from costume shops. This same ability to make objects “talk” can be found once more in his series of photographs which resemble documents from a police investigation in which office equipment and accessories are arranged like evidence at the scene of a crime.

affraid of books, sculpture, 30x30x160cm