Soon in your city

Meuse July 2011

During their creative residency at the Vents des Forêts, Théo Mercier and Christophe Hamaide Pierson assemble a Monstertruck, one of those enormous 4x4 vehicles with huge tires, pulling a little caravan topped with a tiny straw hut. Installed permanently on the road to Pierrefitte-sur-Aire, this improbable parade float, which looks like a wacky wedding cake, foils the workings of the itinerant exhibition, interrogating notions of the stationary voyage, sedentary lifestyles, nomadism and migratory movements. Combining the primitive hut with the caravan and the modern-day car, this 3D collage single-handedly convokes different socio-economic modes of living, travelling and inhabiting.

Soon in your city (tour de france), sculpture, 600x160x500cm